Wooden Garden Furniture-Natural style, design, classic outdoor furniture

Wooden Garden Furniture-Natural style, design, classic outdoor furniture

If you are getting interested in wooden garden furniture, you are not alone. This is considered to be a great romantic style of outdoor furniture and it gives or enhances a rustic feeling to the minds of many people. But, if you want to know why wooden garden furniture might be the perfect selection for you, you should start with a knowledge of the difference between the three general types of garden furniture materials: plastic, wood, and metal.

To begin with, let us take a look at plastic garden furniture. Plastic furniture can now be found in many different colors and styles. It is the cheapest of all materials, so you can buy a lot more of it. Of course, plastic does not rust and does not require the annual longevity maintenance that wood does.

Plastic is waterproof and it is easy to clean. This might be sounding like the perfect choice for you at this point...but there are other things about plastic to consider.

It doesn't have the look or feel of metal or wood. It is very light so it could be easily knocked around in a wind storm. And, you get what you pay for: plastic is easier to damage than wood or plastic. So, you might look cheap and you will likely wind up replacing plastic furniture every couple of years, so you really won't save much money in the long run.

 Know Your Materials for Your Patio Furniture Choice

Now, on to metal. Here you mainly find iron and aluminum, although you can also find stainless steel furniture. Wrought iron is typically very beautiful in its design and projects an aura of class. But, it is prone to rust, so you will have to put metal finish on it from time to time.

If you do not, you will wind up with ugly orange powder on your furniture and on your patio floor. It is also heavy, which can be advantageous in a windy area but not so convenient when you go to move it about. A popular alternative to wrought iron is aluminum.

Aluminum costs less, but these days it's not the cheap stuff that people are perhaps more familiar with. You can find it in intricate styles, imitating wrought iron, and it's not highly prone to rusting. It is also easier to move around. But, the finish that protects it from rust gets worn away in time, and you'll need to keep refinishing it.

So, why would you want wooden garden furniture? Well, you have a lot of choices in materials, including the highly popular and attractive cedar and teak. Of all the fold-up furniture, wood looks the best. It is durable, yet it evokes nature. Some people love the scent of wood, too. Although you do have to treat wooden furniture, if you do this it will last for a very long time. If you are romantic about wood, go for the wooden garden furniture.

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