Wooden Deck Chair Candles Make an Excellent Gift

Wooden Deck Chair Candles Make an Excellent Gift

 If you are searching for a special, yet unique gift for someone in your life wooden deck chair candles make an excellent gift! Everyone loves candles, especially decorative ones. These candle holders come in the shape of a real deck chair that you may find sitting along a beach, or one that you may find sitting by a pool. In the area where one would sit is a small holder for a small tea light candle. In this guide, you will learn about creative uses and or decorations that can be used in these decorative candle holders.

If you are looking to provide this as a gift to someone that you care about, you will be pleased to know that you can actually paint and design the holder any way that you like! The most standard paint job is white, of course. If you would like to add a bit of color to the candle holders, you may enjoy painting it blue, red, or a number of other colors.

 If you are purchasing for a female, there is an interesting color scheme that you may like. You paint the candle holder pink, white, or another light color. Then, splatter paint from different colors onto the gift and allow it to dry. This is likely to add that youthful touch to your wooden deck chair.

Add Your Own Personal Artistic Touch to Your Candle Holder

Now, if you would like to add a decorative appeal to the wooden deck chair candle holder, you may enjoy the fish net and shell decorative items. You just cut a small piece of fish net and throw it over one side of the small chair. Then, you can take a small glue gun and attach the net onto the piece.

Then, once that dries, you can take small shells and other little decorations like miniature starfish and glue them over the net. These decorative candle holders can be placed in a bathroom or other room that reflects themes that revolve around the ocean and similar themes.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can decorate wooden deck chair candle holders. Of you are in search of a creative and decorative gift, you can do several unique things to make these candle holders perfect for someone in your life.

Even given as a basic wooden deck chair, white in color, with a small decorative candle these gifts are sure to please! Remember, sometimes the best gifts are more sentimental. Even something as small as a candle holder can mean the world to a recipient.

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