Patio Furniture Awnings with Mosquito Nets-Protection, Safety

Patio Furniture Awnings with Mosquito Nets-Protection, Safety

Did you know that you can now choose patio furniture awnings with mosquito nets? If you live in areas near bodies of water, and areas that are naturally prone to mosquitoes, then it is important to know and understand that mosquito nets are important to you in terms of health, as well as members of your family.

There is no reason to avoid the luxury of being outdoors, or subjecting yourself to the dangers that mosquitoes pose if you can purchase awnings that include a protective cover. In this guide, you will learn about the dangers that are associated with these insects, as well as the importance of having this type are protection with patio furniture awnings with mosquito nets.

There is an agency that studies diseases that are transmitted called the World Health Organization. This agency has discovered that these insects infect approximately five hundred million individuals around the world annually with some type of condition in which they can transmit.

Mosquito Protection Is Very Important for the Patio

In studying those individuals, it has been discovered that nearly three million of these infected people actually die as a result of the condition. Most of the victims are actually children, second being teens, and third being adults. When you consider this astonishing fact, you are quick to realize why patio furniture awnings that come equipped with mosquito netting is so important.

Diseases that mosquitoes carry:

  • Dengue – This particular fever is dominant in areas like Florida, South Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Native to tropical regions, it produces many different types of viral infections that can lead to death.
  • Yellow Fever – When infected female mosquitoes attempt to feed on a human, two types of this fever can be transmitted. Urban and jungle. Tropical climates are especially prone to this. Headache, chills, pain in the muscles, back complications, and vomiting are exceptionally common when one is infected with this type of disease. In serious cases, liver failure can occur.
  • Encephalitis – There are many mosquito borne types of this condition. It results in inflammation around the brain, and can result in death. However, many cases go undetected by the sufferer.
  • Malaria – This is a deadly condition caused by mosquitoes. It involves a mosquito injecting a parasite into the host, or human.

More and more individuals are starting to incorporate an outdoor living area as part of their home. With this comes the addition of various types of patio furniture.

 If you live in a tropical environment, it is important to know and understand the importance of protecting yourself from mosquitoes while outdoors. One of the most effective means of protection is implementing patio furniture awnings that come equipped with mosquito nets.

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