Patio Enclosures-Add a fashion statement with window treatments

Patio Enclosures-Add a fashion statement with window treatments

Patio enclosures today often implement the use of windows. There are standard windows, storm windows, energy efficient windows, and more! There may be some instances in which you want some privacy in your closed in patio area, or simply want to reduce the amount of light that is permitted into this area. There are many different types of window treatments that are available on the market today that are perfect for patio enclosures. Here, I will introduce you to some of the most popular options.

Roller shades are a popular type of window treatment that many are starting to incorporate into sunrooms, Florida rooms, and enclosed patios. These window treatments actually work to filter out the light that comes in, while allowing some to permeate through the window.

These also allow for a large amount of privacy when in use. Typically, there are many colors, styles, and designs that can be purchased. In today’s market, there are even many different types of fabrics used to create these treatments. Typically, a string or a chain can be pulled on and the shade simply rolls up and down, depending on its original position.

 If you are looking for a window treatment that can be used on the interior and the exterior of patio enclosures, porch shades are an excellent option. They function much like roller shades in that they conveniently roll up and down, however, they are much more effective at blocking natural elements, such as rain, hot humid rays from the sun, and even winds. These blinds are generally light when it comes to weight and they come in many different colors. This means that you can find the perfect option for your patio!

Vertical blinds have always and will continue to be a very popular option when it comes to patio enclosed areas. These blinds go from the ceiling of the room to the floor of the room. Typically, these are priced a bit higher than the window treatments previously mentioned, but you definitely get what you pay for!

 You can make them open and close by the blind pieces, or you can make them pull back and go forward, so that you can have a clear view of the beautiful days you are likely to experience in your patio. If you seek window treatments for your patio enclosures, the options listed throughout this guide are likely to go perfect with your set up!

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