Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella-Basics for Hurricane Prone Areas

Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella-Basics for Hurricane Prone Areas

If you live in a tropical climate that is prone to hurricanes and other types of tropical storms, there are some basics that should be considered when it comes to your heavy duty patio umbrella. First, as you well know, hurricane force winds can reach up to 200 mph. Time and time again, patio umbrellas have become deadly missiles when swooped up by winds of this particular caliber.

Not only have this functional, yet decorative pieces, injured individuals, but they have also done an immense amount of damage to different types of property, such as homes, outdoor structures, and vehicles. In this guide, you will learn heavy duty patio umbrella basics for hurricane prone areas.

The first thing that you must know and understand is that while heavy duty outdoor furniture is less likely to cause and result in damage during tropical storms, it is not unheard of. If you elect to integrate a patio umbrella into your outdoor living area, you should consider the benefit of incorporating heavy duty umbrella stands into the picture.

These stands normally consist of a one and a half to two foot cement and/or concrete base that fit firmly into the ground. Once placed into the ground, the umbrella is also placed into the appropriate opening into the structure. This helps provide the umbrella with an immense level of support.

Umbrella Should Be Mounted Securely or Tied down

If you do not have a proper stand to place your heavy duty umbrella into when a storm approaches, it is important to have a storage area for the unit somewhere in and/or around the home. You should ensure that the umbrella is tied down, or held down when stored, and the storage area is actually closed in.

 If you do this, this will prevent the umbrella from being tossed about by the immense winds that are often associated with hurricanes and even lower scale tropical storms.

When you elect to incorporate an outdoor living area at your home, it is important to pay special attention to the details of your homeowner’s insurance. In many cases, there are guidelines when it comes to liability and outdoor patio furniture.

You should know, right from the beginning, what those terms outline so that you will know the importance of storing and/or protecting your outdoor patio furniture during tropical storms and hurricanes.

Having a heavy duty patio umbrella can add a high level of comfort and luxury to your outdoor living area, but it is important to be responsible if you live in a hurricane prone area. By following the steps listed here, you can make sure that you and others remain safe.

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