Hawken Smith Patio Furniture-Outdoor furniture compliment for your garden

Hawken Smith Patio Furniture-Outdoor furniture compliment for your garden

No matter who you ask, everyone will tell you Hawken Smith patio furniture is definitely in the top 5 list of any high quality products for the outdoors. Even though we are talking about a relatively young company (Smith&Hawken was founded in 1979) they sure have taken the market by storm and have quickly grown to become the number one authority when it comes to outdoor living.

Providing everything you can ever need for your garden, Hawken Smith patio furniture continues to expand its product categories: from outdoor entertaining and décor to garden lighting, as well as plants and containers, to – of course –it is famous teak outdoor furniture.

Obviously, being such an environmentally friendly company means that all teak wood used in their patio furniture comes from sustainable plantations in the island of Java, where wood production and re-plantation are taken very seriously by its government.

So, if you take your outdoor living seriously and want quality and durable patio furniture, you can trust Hawken Smith patio furniture to deliver the goods. Though you will easily find cheaper alternatives, none will match H&S quality and longevity.

Remember, price is not the only thing you should take into consideration when tagging something as cheap or expensive. With Smith & Hawken, you are just paying for what you get.

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