Fold up Picnic Table-Portable Picnic Tables when space is limited

Fold up Picnic Table-Portable Picnic Tables when space is limited

Many people think of outdoor folding furniture as being chairs. But nowadays, there are also many more folding picnic tables to be found, too. Of course, the advantages of the folding picnic tables are similar to those of the folding outdoor chairs: they are lightweight and easy to move about; they are portable; they are easy to store.

When you need more open space on your patio or other outdoor living area, it is easy to fold them up and move them aside for the time being, instead of needing to leave them in the way or make clumsy efforts at trying to put them aside.

Folding picnic tables come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, oval, or custom-built. They come in a wide variety of sizes, too, so that you can always find one that accommodates your needs and goes along with your decor. The most popular folding picnic table materials include wood, aluminum, synthetic resin, and granite.

The synthetic resin picnic tables are popular because they are scratch-proof and very easy to clean and maintain, yet they look metallic, so they are pleasing to the eye and give a sense of modernity. When you are choosing among folding picnic tables, you want the best quality.

Here are some key things to look for:

  • The legs should be through the body and bolted on. Screw-on legs will eventually fall off because the legs receive the most wear and tear of any part of the table. You do not want that to happen right in the middle of a nice outdoor dinner (or any other time for that matter).
  • Polyurethane tops are the best, but if you choose to go with another material for you table top because you think it looks better, this is fine as long as there are no seaming edges.
  • Buy a table with an automatic locking mechanism rather than a manual one.
  • Buy a table that comes with a decent warranty one that lasts for at least five years.

However, while many people find the granite picnic tables the best-looking and most durable, it needs to be kept in mind that they are heavier than the other kinds. Most folding picnic tables do come with a hole in the center for an umbrella, just like a traditional patio table.

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