Aluminum Patio Umbrellas-Unique style, color for the patio furniture set

Aluminum Patio Umbrellas-Unique style, color for the patio furniture set

Aluminum patio umbrellas are a great way to add some flair and some shade to your patio furniture set. You don't want it to be too easy for people to get sunburned, and you also might not want to have to rush indoors if you're having a cookout and when the food is set it begins to rain. But, before you go out and buy an aluminum patio umbrella, you should know all about the difference between them and other possible umbrellas, and you should know what to look for in an umbrella.

There are essentially two types of patio umbrellas (frame-wise, of course): wood and aluminum. Now, people who choose wood do so because they love the look. However, keep in mind that wooden umbrella frames are not so easy to move around. Aluminum patio umbrella frames, on the other hand, are. So if portability is important to you, definitely go with aluminum.

Now that you understand that important difference between umbrella frames, what else do you need to know what to look for if you shopping for aluminum patio umbrellas?

The heaviness of the umbrella will determine what kind of lift system is in place. There are three basic types of these: cranks; pulleys; and the familiar push up and pin-secure system that is very similar to that of a personal umbrella. The heavier umbrellas will use a crank, so they will take longer and more effort to put up and take down.

Choose the Right Features and Color That Suit the Patio

Typically, they will have wooden frames, so if you go with your aluminum patio umbrella you will probably have a pulley system or the pin-secure one. Take one that is most comfortable for you.

Next, consider what kind of tilt system you will have, so that as the sun moves you can tilt the umbrella to continue blocking the rays. This might operate by way of a crank, a push button system, or a direct rib-rotation system.

Now you have to consider what size of aluminum patio umbrellas you need. What is the size of table or spot that you want to cover? Have this measured before you shop. You want the umbrella actually be larger than the area you want to cover; most people say about five feet larger in total area.

 Along with size, you need great fabric. The top brands are: SolarVista; Sunbrella; Spun Poly; Olefin; and Coolaroo Open Weave. Look into them before you shop. So, you have much to consider when comparing aluminum patio umbrellas with others and against wooden patio umbrellas.

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