All weather Wicker furniture-Protected Wooden Patio Furniture

All weather Wicker furniture-Protected Wooden Patio Furniture

 Once upon a time, the idea of all-weather Wicker furniture was kind of a joke. The materials that were traditionally used in Wicker furniture were okay for sitting outside in on a nice, sunny day if it wasn't so hot that it would peel the paint. That was about it. Wicker furniture had to be used mainly in enclosed areas and kept indoors most of the time. But, nowadays, there is high quality all weather Wicker furniture that you can use as lovely outdoor patio furniture.

But the problem has always been that none of these materials is an all-weather material. Paper fiber is the most recognized choice in materials because Wicker was always about beauty at a cheap price. But clearly, that's not going to hold up against the elements.

But we now have two modern materials that enable us to create quality all weather Wicker furniture. These are Viro Fiber and Polypropylene Resin. The new synthetic polypropylene resin is heat-proof and moisture-proof, and resists cracking, discoloring, and fading. You do not have to trouble yourself with repainting it like traditional Wicker furniture.

What Materials Are Used in Wicker Furniture?

Now, many people get confused about Wicker and believe that it is a type of material. That is not true. Wicker refers to the style of weaving. The materials that have long been used in Wicker furniture include:

  • Rattan
  • Bamboo
  • Cane
  • Reed
  • Paper Fiber

When it comes to the Viro Fiber, this is a material that can hold up against nearly everything short of an explosion. High heat, changing weather, sunlight, chlorine, and even salt water cannot affect it. Its endurance makes this type of Wicker furniture one of the emerging favorites in the market.

White Wicker outdoor patio furniture has long been the favorite in terms of color. And yet, there hasn't been a way to get this kind of Wicker furniture to hold up. But the Resin and Viro Fiber chairs do. You can get them cast in a wide array of colors including white, and they won't fade, become uncleanable, or become brittle in the sunlight. Your furniture made from these materials is very easy to clean with just the most mundane household cleaning materials.

However, when you go shopping for all weather Wicker furniture for your patio, you must make sure that you really are getting what you pay for. Sometimes less honest or less informed businesses will try to sell you all weather Wicker furniture that is made from one of the materials in the list above. These are not all-weather. You must make sure your Wicker is made from the Resin or Viro Fiber.

If you have pets or small children, do not buy the high-end all weather Wicker furniture. As durable as it is, pets and children find ways of being more destructive than the weather!

Wicker Patio Dining Sets-A natural way to add to your Patio Plans
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